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Sonja Goeller

I am a certified fitness and athletics trainer and a passionate ice dancer.

In love with sports - and eager to share my excitement, experience and expertise with you!

Personal Training

Functional Training  |  Functional Movement Screen
Strength & Conditioning  |   Training Plans

In an individual and personalized approach I will work with you to optimize your functional movement patterns, allowing you to become more naturally aware of your body, with the right mix of mobility and control. Create a basis to further build up strength and endurance in a healthier and more joyful way… and to pursue your favourite activities long and often! Reduce injury risk, improve your performance, enjoy what you love to do!

You may be surprised how you can loosen up barriers that you thought were your limit. Feel free in your body, feel free in your mind…!

Fitness Tools

On-Ice Training

Glide & Flow  |  Skating Skills  |  Learn-To-Skate Classes

Feel your body alignment that gets you right over your blade; the knee action that really starts right under ball of your foot; the soft up and down; create the impulse that gives you glide and power.

Concepts from my functional training background will help you find orientation in your body, employ your strength more effectively and find your flow. 

Open up to your movement, feel the glide, feel free!

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