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About Me

Sonja Goeller

Fitness- und Athletiktrainer A-Lizenz  |   FMS Certified

Vorab: Mal Deutsch, mal Englisch, mal wechsle ich mitten im Satz. Das bin eben ich!

Zu Hause im süddeutschen Sprachraum - Österreich, Schweiz, Bayern - aber auch unterwegs in der Welt. Habe eine Weile in den USA gelebt, und in Japan; Spanien, Frankreich, England waren auch dabei. Daher mein Gemisch an Sprachen - aber auch an Erfahrungen, Ideen, Inspirationen...

I am a certified fitness and athletics trainer with a focus on functional training; also certified to take the FMS.

As for my own sports activities, I am a competitive adult ice dancer, also a passionate skier, and generally in love with the mountains. Having gone through a series of injuries, I have learned the importance of constantly keeping my body prepared for the stresses and strains I expose it to during the activities I love - especially as an adult athlete. Through rehab, now turned into continuous prevention, I have become more and more aware of my body - feeling my movements, loosening up, getting more natural, getting certain patterns right that I'd been struggling with forever.

My fascination with this topic has grown to the extent that I decided to pursue a second career in fitness training, alongside my desk job.

Regardless of your age, your background, you can keep improving your performance through better, healthier movement, feeling more at ease in your skin. I am excited to take you on that journey!  

Sonja Goeller
Body and soul go together. Move freely in your body, feel free in your mind...

My Passions...

More skating...

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Fitness Qualifications

​Athletiktrainer A-Lizenz  |  BSA Akademie  |  Module:

  • Athletiktrainer 

  • Athletiktrainer Leistungssport

  • Gerätegestütztes Krafttraining

  • Cardiotrainer

  • Gesundheitstrainer

  • Sportrehabilitation

  • Ernährungsberater B-Lizenz

  • Fitnesstrainer B-Lizenz

BSA Akademie  |  Zusätzliche Module:

  • Körpergewichts- und Schlingentraining

FMS Certification  |  Functional Movement Systems

  • FMS / Functional Movement Screen Level 1

  • FMS / Functional Movement Screen Level 2

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